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1 Month Later. What I’ve Learned Since I Started Blogging.

So a month is a drop in the ocean compared to some others that have been blogging years. However I thought it would be good to pass on what I have learnt.

I have actually learnt a lot in that short amount of time. It is certainly an eye opener and there is a learning curve you need to adapt to. There is however definitely a correct way to get of to a non messy start.

Take a Step Back.

I wish I had spent some time to understand it all. I normally do my research before approaching any new topic. I did the same for blogging but I still felt a bit overwhelmed once I started.

Think about what you want to do and then spend some time just looking it all up. Try to find other blogs that have a similar thought. Understand the tools you are going to be using and what other people say about them.

There’s nothing wrong with starting rough, and its possibly the best way to display growth. However getting content of to a strong start will only help.

Have Content Ready

Personally I wish I had saved a few articles and then started my blog. Firstly this would have allowed me to work on my style and quality. For my first few posts I was always going back to make edits so they were similar in feel. I actually re-wrote a whole review.

Secondly it will give any viewers an idea of what your whole blog is about. Sure you can give it a name and a category but having a few posts that people can view will let them know if they want to keep up. Individual posts will always peak but aiming for consistency is key.

Lastly, you will always have a next objective. I see some posts about ‘blog ideas’ and to me I don’t understand why you would need an artificial idea, it should feel organic. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?

Join Your Community Early

You may wish to spend some time just joining your community. Like minded blogs/ bloggers that you can engage with and build a brand.

I am yet to find my community. There are some good ones around on Twitter and Pinterest but nothing like this blog. Sure people do reviews but its all books, beauty products and travels. Also some are self serving and really only use engagement to build their own brand… so be careful.

Its not a no, but be careful of follow for follow/ follow and unfollow community. Its unlikely that engaging in this type of community will lead to real growth. It’s like having a thousand people visit your art gallery but no one could say what your paintings were about or why they entered.

Use Social Media

I think depending on your blog, will depend on your social media usage. I have personally found that Instagram is where my content fits. Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook doesn’t seem to work.

As I said if you run a lifestyle, travel or beauty blog Twitter is probably the best place to start and Pinterest to follow. I’m giving all of them a fair shot, but I’m not sure how long I’ll continue with Twitter.

Experiment and Don’t be Afraid to Change

This blog has only gone under one redesign. The next one feels close, I know what I want and I’m trying to figure it out.

When you start you’ll likely want some sort of style that will change when you start to explore others. Personally I’m not a fan of other film/ gaming review blog layouts. That’s why this is more of a casual/ lifestyle blog aesthetic. Again this could be where I’m going wrong but I won’t change it.

Make the Decision if you want to Financially Invest Early.

There’s a few things you can throw money at.

  1. Your own domain and hosting – Something I would recommend as it’s cleaner and not that costly.
  2. Premium plans on WordPress – this gives you access to a bunch of new features such as plug ins.
  3. Themes – Some people charge for a theme you might want.
  4. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Basically do you want people to find your blog quicker and easier.

All of these together will mean the sooner you invest the more chance you have at getting it back. It’s still a risk but gives you longer to get used to it all. Implementing these slower could cost more in the long run.

Use Quality Design Pieces

The thing with design is there’s quality everywhere and someone is always better. The thing with poor design is it’ll be avoided and that will hurt. Tools such as Canva and the adobe quite will help depending on your level of skill.

If you use your own photography make sure its good and relevant, as this is a selling point for your brand.

So in summary, it’s been a good month. My views are below 10 most days but there’s been a couple of good days. I’ve recently stepped away from some of the reviews because they work better on my Instagram. Also I’m still looking for a community. So yeah absolutely still figuring it all out.

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What to Watch after Lockdown.

We’re slowing making our way past the coronavirus pandemic and you may well be overwhelmed with the choice available again. I’d like to sift through some of the more on screen options and recommend what next.

This list will primarily focus on new releases. Everything was disrupted and the release schedules were all over the place. Hopefully arranging that catch up with a friend will be easier if you can say “Yes! can we go a watch that?”


Christopher Nolan is known for some greats, notably the The Dark Knight and everyone’s favourite Joker performance. He’s also known for confusing the hell out of you with Memento and Inception topping that list.

Tenet looks to be more of the latter. Its about something called Inversion. Inversion seems to be the ability to reverse time for a specific action. The trailer shows this with the main character catching a bullet in a gun instead of shooting it.

Why should you watch this? Well Nolan, although head scratching, is fantastic and chances are this will be one of if not the movie of the year. It’ll be a great talking point for conversations trying figure out this film.

To me that is great. A film that lasts longer than the viewing, is more than enough.

Due for release on 17th July.

Wonder Woman 1984

This colourful throw back to the 80’s is sure to be a fantastic experience. Patty Jenkins at the helm will no doubt bring enjoyment. I fully expect something between Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnorock.

Gal Gadot plays the character of Diana, an Amazonian, well. She is charming, funny, fierce and strong. Chris Pine offers some smoulder, humour and is a great counter part.

The film sees Diana live a life way after the events that saw her become a superhero. She no longer feels out of place in 80’s America but will always have a duty to its citizens.

Due for release on 14th August.


An adaptation of a book under the same name Dune appears to be another one of the films you didn’t know you wanted to see.

On first glance you might look past it (unless you’ve read the book). However it has a quality group of people behind it.

Timothe√© Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscaar Isaac and Josh Brolin as a cast. Not to mention Hans Zimmer on sound and Denis Villeneuve in the directors chair. They’re responsible for the likes of Blade Runner 2049, Prisoners, Avengers, Star Wars, Gladiator and Interstellar. I could go on.

That should be enough to turn your eyes. If not there’s a book and even a film made in the 80’s to view.

Keep and eye on this one. Due 18th December.

Jungle Cruise

This Disney release is based on the ride of the same name. Don’t worry its not the first time they’ve released a film based off a theme park ride.

However if you’re looking for a good time and something really easy to take your mind off things, this will be it.

In my opinion Dwayne Johnson only makes average films unless he’s with Disney (Moana). Emily Blunt is fantastic and has shown her hilarious personality throughout this lock down.

There’s very little to turn you away pre release. This film promises laughs, action, adventure and probably a bit of feel good to!

Due for release on 24th July.

Free Guy

Free Guy is the next major release featuring everyone’s favourite Canadian actor. And well by now, we all want to be free.

This film is about a video game character that doesn’t want to stick to his character anymore and finds freedom. Its naturally chaotic but Reynold’s has quoted it to be his favourite movie he’s worked on.

This film is likely to give you the laughs you need after all of this is over and who better that Reynolds to deliver them?

Due for release on 11th December.

Killing Eve

If you’ve seen my other posts you’ll know that I review this show, you can find my thoughts till now here.

By now Killing Eve has almost finished its third season, which makes it perfect to watch if you don’t like waiting.

It’s made by BBC and its based on a book. It’s a funny, dramatic crime series focused around obsession.

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh have both won awards for their parts and they are truly fantastic. Possibly my most recommended show.

There we have it. What are you looking forward to after lockdown? Let me know down below and share with everyone.