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The One Where I Don’t Know What To Do With This Blog…

So I’m in two minds with this blog.

Mind A: Put more into it. Literally more content, like lifestyle stuff. My life isn’t exciting but I like to talk and write so this would be a good platform for that.

Mind B: Scrap it all as reviews don’t do well in a blog. I started this blog because I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk about everything I was watching. It was always this person watches this thing and that person watches that thing.

And did they/ do they even want to talk to me about it? Does anyone even read my posts. Like actually read them? I know a couple do and I love that but beyond that I think I have to like offer a comment for comment deal or my soul or something.

So I’m at a cross roads. I’ve paid a small fee to have this till like March next year or something, so I feel I should get my monies worth.

This year I committed to taking another step at work. I want to go beyond being a trainer. I’m already being under paid but I have a lot of freedom to grow so I should make the most of it. Of course, like most other people COVID put a ‘delay’ on that (I’m glass half full).

At one point I thought getting back into writing and trying to reconnect with some people would probably take the place of that commitment to grow, and well it could. Maybe I could look into writing completely.

Like fuck being some snooty journalist but try and find a job that I can write and design.

So maybe I’ll carry on writing whatever crap comes into my head, especially what I think of films and TV and Games and maybe even music. I love music.