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Le Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Review

The Spanish Crime Drama has been an international success and for good reason. This captivating telling of multiple bank heists is TV done right.

An iconic look known all over the world from this show.

First off, if you haven’t watch La Casa de Papel it advertises itself in parts. This is actually seasons. I was told initially it was 2 parts and was like, great a few hours and I’m sorted. Then I realise part 1 is 13 episodes…

Mind you, finding out there was like 21 episodes to watch at the time was great, as I was already hooked.

There’s something about this show that draws you in. Whether its the characters, the back stories, the planning or the actual heist, something keeps you.

That’s how this show is told, everything at the same time. We see the heist of the Royal Mint at the same time we see the planning. It runs in a parallel. Amongst all of this we’re learning about these characters that we initially only know as cities they have chosen as their names.

The exception is the Professor (Alvaro Morte). He orchestrates the whole thing, together with Berlin (Mint Heist) and Palermo (Royal Bank Heist). With each heist they use the same cast of misfits.

The first we meet is Tokio (Ursula Corbero). My favourite character of them all. She is the narrator of the whole thing, keeping you in check with what is going on. She’s feirce, vulnerable, a badass and generally a leader throughout it all. In many ways the whole show is her story, or at least from her perspective.

Tokio .

She forms a relationship with the Professor who she calls her guardian angel. Together they work with Rio, Denver, Moscu, Nairobi, Helsinki and some others here and there. Each with a distinctly different role but the same aim.

As the seasons play out so do the heists. These are expertly clever and almost believable. The immersion for this show is brilliant. It’s only when we get to part 2 that things seem to get a bit dramatic but that’s also the charm.

The relationships during the heist are brilliant. It’s stressful, tense and exciting all at the same time. While they’re in the heist the idea is to become heroes of Spain.

This is where the show is clever in it’s telling of the story. The police are naturally never in charge during the heist, however it may seem. Raquel (Itziar Ituno), the head of the police lets call her, and the Professor seemingly play a chess match the whole time, but it’s like the Professor has seen the match already.

All the while you’re rooting for the guys in the masks all while they’re committing the biggest crime Spain has seen. The masks have become a symbol that is iconic within the show as much as it is outside of the show. Moreover during the heist you’re rooting for the smaller stories. Those relationships and events that are happening throughout the season between these characters.

It’s stressful, tense and exciting all at the same time.

One rule of the heist is to not talk about the heist, okay its not, it’s actually not to form any personal relationships, hence the nicknames. That was always an unlikely rule to be kept and it’s for the better.

Seasons 3 and 4 really build on this and provide heart warming and heart breaking moments as the events play out. I’m still not sure I’m over a certain event.

Neither season is packing loads of action or missing any details. They’re both well balanced in terms of characters and story.

The show isn’t without its draw backs. Each heist is over 2 parts that can feel a bit drawn out, especially the second heist as it’s yet to be concluded. There’s naturally some characters we wish weren’t in it but it wouldn’t be a good show without them.

When the action does get a little bit out of hand it does break the immersion a little bit and you remember this isn’t actually real life.

Overall, I believe this is a must watch. I know some people may not like foreign TV but this is worth getting used to. Either dubbing or subtitles are worth using. The dubbing is well voice acted.

It’s easily a top 5 Netflix show for me. Maybe I’ll do that list soon? Check out my Instagram to see that!

Stole my attention / 10

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Killing Eve Season Review

Season 3 has wrapped up now and after a slow middle, it ended in superb fashion.

Killing Eve has grown tremendously over the last 4 years or so and for good reason. The BBC America book adaptation of Luke Jennings Codename Villanelle has seen Jodie Comer & Sandra Oh lead an award winning series to great heights through amazing writing and acting.

It is one of my favourite series on TV and I only picked it up last year. I was reluctant as I didn’t know what to expect and have largely not been a fan of British TV. I had some time working away and I was hooked. Its funny, dramatic, mysterious and well made.

Season 3… It Wasn’t Going Well for a While.

When season 3 started in April, it was eagerly awaited. Season 1 was a breath of fresh air and fantastically written and season 2 was more explosive. What could season 3 bring to the table?

From the very start it actually has probably the best opening episode. We are shocked with a cliff hanger that sets up the series plot. We are in truly episode 1 fashion established with the whereabouts of everyone.

Sandra Oh’s Eve is trying to get on with her life, out the way of everything after being shot and left for dead. She has lost her job, husband, house and trust. She is perhaps as vulnerable as we will see her.

Villanelle is married and enjoying life under the assumption her obsession in Eve is now dead. It’s actually at her wedding that one of her old teachers, is teacher the right word? Mentor? Yeah we’ll go with mentor, brings her back to her assassin career.

Carolyn is still at MI6 but with a new prick of a boss. She is of course thrilled with this news. Konstatin is still kicking around all mysterious, but trapped in the UK.

Generally I don’t like spoilers but I have to if I want to type any further. I guess this is your warning?

Kenny fucking dies. We liked Kenny, he was cool but not so cool as to not be shoved off a building.

So naturally everyone wants to know who did it. First thing everyone does know is it wasn’t Villanelle, but could they rule that out, she’s been quiet for a while now?

This is where the series slows right down. episodes 2-5 just don’t do much at all. We see some developments but nothing to really capture what the previous seasons had. It is a bit like a grieving period.

I did like episode 5 mind. It focused around Villanelle and finding her birth family. We learn a lot about her in this episode and it carries a certain charm to it.

But it Gets Good.

Episode 6 is where the show starts to return to its former glory. You can read my review of that episode here.

Throughout this season we’ve seen Villanelle grow. She realises she no longer wants to be a puppet to the 12. She wants out and knows only 1 person that can help her, Konstantin. But does he want to?

Eve is chasing leads and starts to get good ones about what happened to Kenny having teamed back up with Carolyn and Kenny’s old work pals. This leads her to find out that her husband was stabbed in the neck by Dasha, remember the mentor I mentioned earlier.

The show brings back the thrill, humour and the brilliant writing once more. Jodie Comer is fantastic. She plays a different side to Villanelle we haven’t seen. She is desperate, exposed and full of emotion that she hides behind killer outfits and sarcasm.

The star of this series is Carolyn however. Throughout this season we have been focused on her investigation into Kenny and the people close to her in life.

Fiona Shaw is likely to be the next winner from Killing Eve. Her journey through this series tackles her relationship with her daughter Geraldine, played by the under used Gemma Whelan, her obsession with her work and quite frankly her cold attitude.

Geraldine forces Carolyn to show her emotional side, out of frustration more than anything and Fiona truly deserves recognition. If you didn’t already you will grow to like and respect her as a character.

When I try to think of my future, I just see your face over and over again.

The Finale…

So how did this series end?

Excellently that’s how. There was blood, reveals and reunions but not in the way you would expect.

This finale is moving and connects with the emotional season it has been, not in an up and down way but in a honest way. We find out how Kenny came to be thrown from his workplace building and if Konstantin will continue to play both sides.

Eve and Villanelle naturally come together, possibly later than we wanted. When they do it’s after an admission that their obsession is part of them now. This story is about them, but this season is not.

Carolyn gets everything she wanted but is left empty. How she continues will be interesting.

Personally I think it was a excellent way to finish the season. It was explosive and revealing but also raw and sad.

Final Thoughts.

All in all I really enjoyed this season. Sure I love seeing Villanelle extravagantly murder people week in week out but I was tired of the cat and mouse chase.

This season explored the characters more, especially those not called Eve. Jodie Comer was amazing as always and Villanelle is a more fleshed out character.

As I said previously Carolyn is the stand out for this season. Everything is focused on her and her relationships.

The finale was touching and for once didn’t put it all on a cliff hanger.

As good as Villanelles fashion sense / 10.

So it has been confirmed that season 4 is on the way and EW have quoted Sally Woodward Gentle promise a ‘pitch black riot’.

I can’t wait. I know its likely 22 before we see season 4. In the meantime we should see Peaky Blinders return. If we want more of Jodie she’s in Free Guy a film I’m looking forward to after lockdown, as stated here.

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What to Watch after Lockdown.

We’re slowing making our way past the coronavirus pandemic and you may well be overwhelmed with the choice available again. I’d like to sift through some of the more on screen options and recommend what next.

This list will primarily focus on new releases. Everything was disrupted and the release schedules were all over the place. Hopefully arranging that catch up with a friend will be easier if you can say “Yes! can we go a watch that?”


Christopher Nolan is known for some greats, notably the The Dark Knight and everyone’s favourite Joker performance. He’s also known for confusing the hell out of you with Memento and Inception topping that list.

Tenet looks to be more of the latter. Its about something called Inversion. Inversion seems to be the ability to reverse time for a specific action. The trailer shows this with the main character catching a bullet in a gun instead of shooting it.

Why should you watch this? Well Nolan, although head scratching, is fantastic and chances are this will be one of if not the movie of the year. It’ll be a great talking point for conversations trying figure out this film.

To me that is great. A film that lasts longer than the viewing, is more than enough.

Due for release on 17th July.

Wonder Woman 1984

This colourful throw back to the 80’s is sure to be a fantastic experience. Patty Jenkins at the helm will no doubt bring enjoyment. I fully expect something between Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnorock.

Gal Gadot plays the character of Diana, an Amazonian, well. She is charming, funny, fierce and strong. Chris Pine offers some smoulder, humour and is a great counter part.

The film sees Diana live a life way after the events that saw her become a superhero. She no longer feels out of place in 80’s America but will always have a duty to its citizens.

Due for release on 14th August.


An adaptation of a book under the same name Dune appears to be another one of the films you didn’t know you wanted to see.

On first glance you might look past it (unless you’ve read the book). However it has a quality group of people behind it.

Timothe√© Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscaar Isaac and Josh Brolin as a cast. Not to mention Hans Zimmer on sound and Denis Villeneuve in the directors chair. They’re responsible for the likes of Blade Runner 2049, Prisoners, Avengers, Star Wars, Gladiator and Interstellar. I could go on.

That should be enough to turn your eyes. If not there’s a book and even a film made in the 80’s to view.

Keep and eye on this one. Due 18th December.

Jungle Cruise

This Disney release is based on the ride of the same name. Don’t worry its not the first time they’ve released a film based off a theme park ride.

However if you’re looking for a good time and something really easy to take your mind off things, this will be it.

In my opinion Dwayne Johnson only makes average films unless he’s with Disney (Moana). Emily Blunt is fantastic and has shown her hilarious personality throughout this lock down.

There’s very little to turn you away pre release. This film promises laughs, action, adventure and probably a bit of feel good to!

Due for release on 24th July.

Free Guy

Free Guy is the next major release featuring everyone’s favourite Canadian actor. And well by now, we all want to be free.

This film is about a video game character that doesn’t want to stick to his character anymore and finds freedom. Its naturally chaotic but Reynold’s has quoted it to be his favourite movie he’s worked on.

This film is likely to give you the laughs you need after all of this is over and who better that Reynolds to deliver them?

Due for release on 11th December.

Killing Eve

If you’ve seen my other posts you’ll know that I review this show, you can find my thoughts till now here.

By now Killing Eve has almost finished its third season, which makes it perfect to watch if you don’t like waiting.

It’s made by BBC and its based on a book. It’s a funny, dramatic crime series focused around obsession.

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh have both won awards for their parts and they are truly fantastic. Possibly my most recommended show.

There we have it. What are you looking forward to after lockdown? Let me know down below and share with everyone.