You ever just want to change all of your hobbies? Or at least most of them.

I would consider myself to have 3 main hobbies:

  1. Video Games. I love them and play them a fair amount, not as much as I used to but still quite a lot.
  2. TV and Films. This one goes without saying as I have a blog and Instagram dedicated to it. Probably the thing I do most.
  3. Football. I’d play at least once a week most of the time and watch for the rest.

I feel that makes me not very interesting. Not very fit either (that’s a whole other post). I’m on my arse for 80% of the day, but I also wish I had completely different hobbies sometimes, not to increase the on arse to moving ratio but because I think my hobbies found me.

I think hobbies should be things you go out and seek. They bring out the good bits of your personality as usually they make you happy. You should always be happy and smiling and sometimes that is hard, but if baking a loaf of bread helps, go bake that bread.

For me, I love playing guitar. Something I did for a while when I was like 12 or 13 till I went uni at 19. Not that I was ever particularly skilled but it was fun. I love music and imagine myself jamming along to the likes of Vukovi or Architects.

I’ve actually picked up my guitar again, bought an amp and some bits and I’m finding my love for it again. I just need to figure out how to get good, get picked up and tour the world and get rich. Or maybe not, got a bit carried away there.

I’m missing a few inches for basketball

But when it comes to football, I would trade it in a heartbeat to play basketball once a week. It’s weird how it’s not even a contest. Something I’ve been doing for years and years but its not my favourite sport to play. Its likely if basketball was more accessible in this country it wouldn’t be my favourite sport period.

It’ s weird that sometimes we consider our hobbies to be the things we are used to doing. It’s not always the things we wish we did, or would like to do.

I’ve certainly looked into playing basketball but its few and far between opportunities in Leicester. I could hire out the court at my local leisure centre but that seems against the point for just me.

I think my love for basketball comes from Space Jam. Its the earliest I remember enjoying it. Things like One Tree Hill, Coach Carter and NBA being on Sky all reaffirm my love for the sport. Also Jordan and Kobe were possibly the biggest athletes during my younger years so it was all around me really.

I guess my point for this blog post is to consider that if what you do is a hobby or is it something you’re used to doing and call it a hobby? Thinking about what would you do if you could do anything and is that what you’re doing?

I would certainly aspire to follow more of the things you love and explore how you can do them, whatever it might be, just don’t settle.

Let me know made you chase your hobby or gave you inspiration.

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The One Where I Don’t Know What To Do With This Blog…

So I’m in two minds with this blog.

Mind A: Put more into it. Literally more content, like lifestyle stuff. My life isn’t exciting but I like to talk and write so this would be a good platform for that.

Mind B: Scrap it all as reviews don’t do well in a blog. I started this blog because I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk about everything I was watching. It was always this person watches this thing and that person watches that thing.

And did they/ do they even want to talk to me about it? Does anyone even read my posts. Like actually read them? I know a couple do and I love that but beyond that I think I have to like offer a comment for comment deal or my soul or something.

So I’m at a cross roads. I’ve paid a small fee to have this till like March next year or something, so I feel I should get my monies worth.

This year I committed to taking another step at work. I want to go beyond being a trainer. I’m already being under paid but I have a lot of freedom to grow so I should make the most of it. Of course, like most other people COVID put a ‘delay’ on that (I’m glass half full).

At one point I thought getting back into writing and trying to reconnect with some people would probably take the place of that commitment to grow, and well it could. Maybe I could look into writing completely.

Like fuck being some snooty journalist but try and find a job that I can write and design.

So maybe I’ll carry on writing whatever crap comes into my head, especially what I think of films and TV and Games and maybe even music. I love music.