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Uncut Gems Review

Much like the title this really is an uncut and unpolished gem. It really is a bit of a mess and wasn’t deserving of an Oscar.

Adam Sandler surprised everyone when he released his out of character crime drama on Netflix.

Naturally this garnered a lot of attention as to what was Sandler thinking.

The film quickly started to gain praise for its story and portrayal.

All of a sudden it was found amidst award nominations that Sandler wasn’t humble about.

Checking out this film I had high expectations but was ultimately let down.

Uncut Gems follows the events that unfold when Sandlers main character Howard manages to get his hands on a precious uncut Opal from an Ethiopian mine.

With this discovery he hopes to make a lot of money and finally settle all his debts. Not your typical debts, he’s a fucking moron that deals in dodgy business.

It’s all a bit of a mess.

Part of my confusion came when I realised how much he owed to one particular party, $100,000. Yet he appears to own an apartment in New York and a nice family home, a nice car and care for his 3 children.

How could this dodgy del boy really still have any money. His reputation seems to proceed him but he is still able to deal amongst the elite?

Before he is able to sensibly sell on the gem he’s acquired he agrees to let NBA start Kevin Garret look after it who then believes in it spiritually as he performs better.

Mix that in to the people after Howard, his affair and his gambling addiction and its all a bit of a mess. And that’s how I found this film a mess.

It seems looking around that’s what people liked about this film, that its difficult to follow and it really works in Sandler’s favour. I however thought the opposite.

I never struggled to keep up, but I struggled to stay invested. Howard isn’t a likeable character, in fact, no one is. The film ends, and I kind of thought, what’s the point? Nothing is explained, so don’t be looking for answers.

Sandler gains praise, but I honestly thought he’s still same old Sandler, just without any jokes. I’m glad he never won an Oscar. Julia Fox was good throughout and I hope it breaks her into further roles. Idina Menzel had nothing special to work with.

All in all there are some good parts to this film and you do wonder how badly it all ends. Sandler does have another trick up his sleeve, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever see it again. I think with some better direction this film would be a extraordinary crime film. [Insert joke about crime and my time].

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What to Watch after Lockdown.

We’re slowing making our way past the coronavirus pandemic and you may well be overwhelmed with the choice available again. I’d like to sift through some of the more on screen options and recommend what next.

This list will primarily focus on new releases. Everything was disrupted and the release schedules were all over the place. Hopefully arranging that catch up with a friend will be easier if you can say “Yes! can we go a watch that?”


Christopher Nolan is known for some greats, notably the The Dark Knight and everyone’s favourite Joker performance. He’s also known for confusing the hell out of you with Memento and Inception topping that list.

Tenet looks to be more of the latter. Its about something called Inversion. Inversion seems to be the ability to reverse time for a specific action. The trailer shows this with the main character catching a bullet in a gun instead of shooting it.

Why should you watch this? Well Nolan, although head scratching, is fantastic and chances are this will be one of if not the movie of the year. It’ll be a great talking point for conversations trying figure out this film.

To me that is great. A film that lasts longer than the viewing, is more than enough.

Due for release on 17th July.

Wonder Woman 1984

This colourful throw back to the 80’s is sure to be a fantastic experience. Patty Jenkins at the helm will no doubt bring enjoyment. I fully expect something between Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnorock.

Gal Gadot plays the character of Diana, an Amazonian, well. She is charming, funny, fierce and strong. Chris Pine offers some smoulder, humour and is a great counter part.

The film sees Diana live a life way after the events that saw her become a superhero. She no longer feels out of place in 80’s America but will always have a duty to its citizens.

Due for release on 14th August.


An adaptation of a book under the same name Dune appears to be another one of the films you didn’t know you wanted to see.

On first glance you might look past it (unless you’ve read the book). However it has a quality group of people behind it.

Timothe√© Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscaar Isaac and Josh Brolin as a cast. Not to mention Hans Zimmer on sound and Denis Villeneuve in the directors chair. They’re responsible for the likes of Blade Runner 2049, Prisoners, Avengers, Star Wars, Gladiator and Interstellar. I could go on.

That should be enough to turn your eyes. If not there’s a book and even a film made in the 80’s to view.

Keep and eye on this one. Due 18th December.

Jungle Cruise

This Disney release is based on the ride of the same name. Don’t worry its not the first time they’ve released a film based off a theme park ride.

However if you’re looking for a good time and something really easy to take your mind off things, this will be it.

In my opinion Dwayne Johnson only makes average films unless he’s with Disney (Moana). Emily Blunt is fantastic and has shown her hilarious personality throughout this lock down.

There’s very little to turn you away pre release. This film promises laughs, action, adventure and probably a bit of feel good to!

Due for release on 24th July.

Free Guy

Free Guy is the next major release featuring everyone’s favourite Canadian actor. And well by now, we all want to be free.

This film is about a video game character that doesn’t want to stick to his character anymore and finds freedom. Its naturally chaotic but Reynold’s has quoted it to be his favourite movie he’s worked on.

This film is likely to give you the laughs you need after all of this is over and who better that Reynolds to deliver them?

Due for release on 11th December.

Killing Eve

If you’ve seen my other posts you’ll know that I review this show, you can find my thoughts till now here.

By now Killing Eve has almost finished its third season, which makes it perfect to watch if you don’t like waiting.

It’s made by BBC and its based on a book. It’s a funny, dramatic crime series focused around obsession.

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh have both won awards for their parts and they are truly fantastic. Possibly my most recommended show.

There we have it. What are you looking forward to after lockdown? Let me know down below and share with everyone.

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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Review

“may the fourth be with you”

As The Rise of Skywalker has now hit Disney+ I thought it would be good to kick everything of in a grand ol’ Star Wars style.

Star Wars was for old people, yuck.

Nathan – circa 2000

This is also a brilliant film to start with becuase my god man it is up and down. Good and bad. Cathartic and frustrating. That does depend on where you are in the Star Wars fandom…

Star Wars has grown with me, it was this film series that my parents enjoyed or I would hear them discuss but that was for old people, yuck.

Fastforward to 1999 ( i was a grand old age of 7) and this series is going through a comeback. Amazing that this franchise was getting the updated, amazing CGI we had on the tip of a new millienium.

Buuuuuuut. Not quite it didn’t exactly soar in fact it actually managed to fall without a parachute.

Fastforward another 16 years and its happening again. This time we wont see the same mistakes. In fact The Force Awakens tried so hard to be more of a 4 than a 1 it basically was A New (Same) Hope.

Wait, this was meant to be a review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker??

Here we are with The Rise of Skywalker the ‘Return of the Jedi’ Disney version. Alot of the core Star Wars fans I’m sure would deny that this is a Star Wars film and well they could be correct. But with how much it has used from the original trilogy its hard to ignore.

I for one did enjoy it mostly. I was tired of the Skywalker Saga at this stage. I want original, I think thats why Prequel feels different but good. The characters are fresh despite being names we’ve heard.

Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver (Girls, Blackkklansman, Logan Lucky) has the best story and is possibly the most redeeming part of this story. The once destined leader of the Dark side is on a journey to advoid but ultimately meet redemption for his actions previously.

Kylor Ren by

Rey played by Daisy Ridley (Murder on the Orient Express, Peter Rabbit) is determined for Kylo to meet his redemption or does she want to kill him? Its easy to get lost. BUT she does want to find out who her parents were because you can’t just be force sensative with good genes.

The pacing is fast paced, but not in a good way, more of a it all goes so fast that you almost can’t see that there’s alot wrong that J J Abrams is trying to put right. All of a sudden you’re at the end trying to catch up like Finn trying to catch up to Rey.

Much of the supporting cast do not have a story arc worth writing about, so I won’t, much. Poe is Han Solo 2.0 (he has so much potential, played brialliant by Isaac Oscar). Some characters were needlessly depreived of screen time (look at you Rose) but the effects and CGI are stellar.

Not the worst (could have been Solo). Not the best (not as iconic as V) / 10