This week we finished Harry Potter, oh and watched Tenet.

So, you may or may not have noticed that there was no this week last week. Well last week I moved from my old house so it was a bit busy with that and so I only managed to watch a couple Harry films.

Still I’ll upload them here. But mainly let’s talk about Tenet or you can go on and read a proper conversation over on its own post.


First off, what a film. Wow. Even with some sound problems I loved watching this movie. I had high hopes (which is always a bit of a mine field), but Nolan did not disappoint, me at least.

Tenet is an action thrill ride through time, kind of and not really at all. There’s time travel but not like Back to the Future or Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s just going back through what we’ve just done.

It also creates something called inversion. It’s basically where if I drop a cup while going forwards through time, in the past you can have it gravitate towards your hand. Confused? It all makes sense in the film, honest!

Okay maybe, not on first watch. I’ve seen recently that it’s been advertised as ‘feeling’ the movie and not worry too much about what it going on.

So what did I feel?

I felt immersed and tense. Nolan kicked us off immediately to the edge of our seat, with special thanks to an amazing score. Check out Ludwig Goransson – Rainy Night in Tallinn to get an idea of just what I mean.

This film had me hooked the whole time and as an action film it was brilliant. Moreover I love anything that gets you thinking. We’ve seen the likes of Inception or Shutter Island that have you like, the fuck?? This will do the same I have no doubt and I know not everyone likes that but I do. Memento is the closest I would say that is like this.

The characters are quite shallow in terms of development, so don’t expect to get to close to anyone in the film but that’s okay. What you lack in character development you get everywhere else. The set peices are all, more or less, real and without CGI so they look incredible. The fight scenes are unique given it’s theme.

A must watch in my opinion and if I’m not too early my film of the year.

Harry Potter & Order of the Phoenix

Hello best film in the franchise (in my opinion).

Why? It has the best rosta of characters. We’re introduced to Luna who is my favourite. She’s wacky, weird and wonderful. Such a good addition.

However the actual film is very good. It’s all about an uprising after the school begins to be taken over by the Ministry of Magic.

Harry isn’t believed about his sighting of Voldemort and the Ministry are trying to hush him. All throughout he is being shown frightening images of Voldemort’s doings.

Remember the characters I mentioned earlier? Well the villain is Professor Umbridge played so well by Imelda Staunton that’s she’s compared to as evil as Joffrey.

She try’s to turn Hogwarts into a weird, strict boarding school that allows for nothing but theoretical learning.

This film has its moments that aren’t great and I’ve not read the book cause it’s massive (I’ve actually yet to finish Goblet) so there’s bits missed I bet.

The end will break your heart and terrify you. It’s so good that you just want to move onto the 6th as quickly as possible.

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

I feel like this film gets a lot of non love and is seen as maybe the ‘boring’ one or nothing happens.

I think quite the opposite and absolutely love this film. The darkest of all the films, it feels tense throughout. It’s almost like watching a thriller or a dark mystery film.

In Harry’s sixth year Dumbledore seeks his help to gather secrets from the new Potions teacher, Professor Slughorn who has a history at Hogwarts.

Draco is seen being slightly shifty and seems to be being groomed for the dark arts. On the opposite side of things Ron gets into the Quidditch Team with some trickery from Harry, who’s captain.

The film begins to see how cliques and social relationships begin to play a big part. Although Harry Potter has bigger problems he, Ron and Hermione can’t ignore they are still teenagers still.

In the book this film does a lot of lore and world building in particular for Voldemort. The film doesn’t do as much but we still get some glimpses.

It’s sort of the calm before the storm in a lot of ways.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1

I considered talking about this film as a whole. To me it as one of the first films to be split into parts in this way.

Anyway Deathly Hallows introduces us to life without Hogwarts. Under the reign of Snape, Harry and co find themselves in the hunt for Horcruxes.

Finding these it like finding a little bit of Voldemort and taking him down slowly.

Problem is, there’s no way to know where they are and to make things worse, Voldemort is after Harry.

As a part 1 this film for me doesn’t do a great deal. It’s not a bad film by any stretch but it feels like a lot of content that couldn’t be cut but also would’ve made a solo film too long.

It doesn’t end on a cliff hanger like Infinity War does but doesn’t end its own story it kind of just is. It’s like more Harry Potter before we get to the good stuff.

Given it’s a part 1 there isn’t much to say that wouldn’t go on to be about part 2 so we’ll pick this one up next time.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

So this is the conclusion and for me, it is still the best conclusion to a chronological franchise story (thinking of franchises such as Insurgent, Hunger Games, Twilight etc not LotR or other trilogies).

For me, whatever happens in the rest of the film doesn’t matter because the Snape narrative coming to a close is one of the best character narratives period.

When we see how Snape had behaved all through Harry’s time at Hogwarts completely turned on it’s head, I was shocked and genuinely amazed.

Say what you will about JK as a person, for writing this story and the it playing out the way it does is fantastic.

As for the rest it does well to close Harry’s story. Naturally him and Voldey battle it out but it’s abit more complicated than it first seems.

Ron and Hermione come to terms with their friendship and what’s really been happening all this time.

It really is a spectacle of a final film and I do think it doesn’t get enough credit for what it was.

So many franchises fail to get this far and when they do that get it wrong (looking at you Hunger Games part 2!).

Thank you for reading this series. I love Harry Potter it’s one of my absolute first to all the time.