What I Watched This Week

A round up of what I watched this week (up to 24/08) including some of the things you might have missed on my Instagram.


First up I spent some of my night and the next morning watching what was going on at the DC Fandome. I am very sceptical of Warner Bros and DC given their track record of promising big and delivering little, with Wonder Woman being an exception.

So what did we get, to start of with I’ll talk about The Batman

Matt Reeves shown us the first look at the new stand alone Batman film in production with Robert Pattinson. First impressions are very impressive. It seems to have a dark tone, nut not in Nolan’s way.

Seems we get some good detective style, angry Batman with a whole host of baddies to fight against. He seems to be violent and stylish. I’m actually looking forward to this one.

Gotham Knights

Sticking in Gotham the next game to follow the Arkham series was debuted. I have only played the second Arkham game and didn’t like it but this does look good. I’ll be keeping an eye out in case this is where I pick the series back up.

Rocksteady have built a good reputation from these games so it was absolutely in safe hands to introduce us to some lesser known vigilantes. The game will let us take control of Robin, Batgirl, Redhood and Nightwing. Built for next gen and an open world this has a lot to bring and live up to.

Justice League

The less I say about the Snyder Cut the better, you can view my thoughts here for why that is.

Anyway we got a look at what Snyder has been working on and it’s now a made for TV 4 part series on HBO Max that is being released. We did get a look at some of the new footage that is being added that seems to be fleshing out the characters more.

It’s all work that needed to be included 3 years ago but the way it’s being done now, to me, just isn’t it. I’m not looking forward to either a weekly download of the Justice League or a 4 hour film but I always like to be proven wrong.

Suicide Squad

James Gunn got the opportunity to show us how The Suicide Squad is coming along and I wasn’t expecting 18 characters. In the panel he introduced all the main players and gave us a game show style interview.

The footage that was showed probably has me the most invested. Gunn’s work with Guardians of the Galaxy has bought him an optimistic pass considering how bad the first Suicide Squad was.

Best of the Rest

We were given our final look at Wonder Woman 1984 that I am excited for. Patty Jenkins work with Wonder Woman is excellent and I’d love to see her more involved in the DCEU. I featured as my films to look out for after lockdown and that’s exactly what I’ll do in October.

Black Adam has some concept art similar to The Flash movie and Aquaman 2 was talked about but they’re a while off yet. The Flash season 7 (and end of 6) was given a trailer but isn’t until next year yet. There’s a Suicide Squad game that is a team based adventure, maybe Dragon Age/ Mass Effect inspired type gig.

Overall I would say it was a success. Normally it’s delivering on these big projects that has been the let down of DC so lets hope this decade is better than the last.

Lovecraft Country

I watched the first episode of Lovecraft Country on Sky this week and it was as good as I hoped it would be.

Truth is I wasn’t wholly sure what to expect but I had heard/ scene a bit of a sci-fi thriller.

That’s exactly what was served up. It built up like any other thriller/ horror type show, all in all very normal. It focused on racism in early 20th century America before exploding into a alien/ monster slasher show. It was excellent.

The plot in the first episode is Atticus has returned from the army took look for his dad who’s gone missing. His search leads him to believe he is somewhere in Lovecraft Country, from books they would read.

Absolutely recommend giving this show a go. With excellent writers and HBO producing/ distributing it sure has a lot of promise.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

In the next instalment of Disney’s Easter egg filled gaming world movie we see Ralph and Glitch take on the Internet.

When a new ‘machine’ is plugged in and turns out to the WiFi they soon realise it could be the saviour of Glitch’s arcade machine.

Entering the Internet, Glitch soon realises her desire for a more unpredictable racing lifestyle is realised as she meets Gal Gadot’s Shank from the game Slaughter race.

This sparks a story of jealousy within Ralph who fears he is going to be replaced and isn’t ready to move on with Glitch’s decisions.

Throughout the movie we are treated to a whole host of Easter eggs and satire around what the Internet holds.

It’s as close as Disney will come to poking fun at the world around them. They make jokes about princesses which is a couple of fantastic scenes, Internet trends and how the Internet has become an epidermic needle we haven’t realised we subscribed to.

All in all however it’s a predictable and safe story. It makes for a cool couple hours but nothing beyond that. Outside of Disney I feel this would have more potential.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Widely regarded as one of the best in the franchise The Prisoner of Azkaban takes a darker tone in Harry’s third year.

Look right, this used to be one of my favourites. I loved the introduction of Lupin and Sirius and it felt matured since year 2.

Then I re-read the book and it’s now probably my least favourite/ most frustrating of the 8 films.

This film goes for style over content and for that, the book is not adapted correctly. It’s not even a big book to adapt.

This film neglects to tell us about the origins of the marauders map, a key component in the film. It fails to show the fragmented relationship of Harry, Ron and Hermione and it squashes what it does have into a short run time.

It does look good, I can’t say it doesn’t, however the story is short and brushed over.

Year 3 shows us how an escaped murderer seems to be after Harry for killing/ wounding he who shall not be named. Harry is torn whether to hide or face his next foe.

During his time he is warned of his fate should he face the prisoner but learns through a new teacher he is more powerful than he realises.

It’s not a good year for Hagrid or Dumbledore as many truths are unravelled. This clever tale brings the dark arts and fantasy to Hogwarts like nothing we’ve seen yet.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Year 4 of Harry Potters time at Hogwarts is perhaps the coming of age film within the franchise.

The book had a lot to unpack but they chose to go with just a single film. The result was a success and is not a stranger to being people’s favourites.

It’s the first film that really begins to tackle some of the more serious issues that not only teenage life brings but also the danger of being Harry Potter.

Here he is forced into an advanced wizarding tournament that puts his life in danger with each task.

As Harry was too young to enter this splinters his relationship with most of those he holds dear. It is also a mystery as to why he’s in a tournament of this ilk.

I do like this film but something is missing for me. Sure the ending is probably one of the better ones but maybe it’s just because it’s that awkward teen time.

I’m currently reading this book so maybe I’ll appreciate the film more or less when I’m done.

The actors are really starting to find their identity as actors and they are even joined by the likes of David Tennent and Ralph Fiennes.

Moving into year 5 this film does set a good standard and make you optimistic given its ending.