Killing Eve Season 3… We’re Getting There.

Killing Eve season 3 started of with a bang and a mystery but hasn’t been able to match those heights (similar to the ones Kenny stood from) or those of the previous seasons.

Season 1 was all about establishing these characters and season 2 was full of Villanelle and Eve’s unusual infatuation that began to blossom.

Season 3 doesn’t quite know where it is. We know who the characters are and no one new is really worth talking about. Eve and Villanelle know their own status quo but have cold feet to explore it further. The murder mystery just has not been that much of a focal point.

Carolyn seems to be the driving force this season what with everything seemingly being linked to her. Fiona Shaw does a brilliant job playing her.

Todays episode really pushed everything forward after last weeks charming reuniting with Villanelle’s family. We got some bits of information that really came from the left field, delivered in a very British drive down the country roads. Eve seems to be making steps and has grown a pair of cahones in Barcelona. Also never taking her on a first date to bowling.

Villanelle seems to be realising what she has probably wanted all along. Out. Thing is, what is out for her, she has no one? Maybe she has Konstantin but he’s more concerned with his actual daughter.

All in all I think we’re finally getting there with this season. Its taken a while but these last couple of episodes have felt closer to the show I know and love.

Let me know what you think so far!

Waiting to be killed/ 10